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What do you think?

What do you think?
We’re living in complex times when we can no longer depend on historical narratives to guide us safely through the varying currents of life. The boundaries that define our systems of knowledge acquisition, work, family relationships, financial stability, the value of diverse opinions, faith and trust in our institutions and government, to cite a few, are fraying. The element of unpredictability is gaining prominence over traditionally reliable methods of acquiring information. Having access to information is the hallmark of an informed citizenry. Even the value of public education is now up for debate. Will universal free education disappear?
The vast clout of traditional media, be it print, pictorial, or oral is today, often tarred with villainous intent to deceive, ineffective agency or ambiguity, depending on one’s point of view. But the communities we create on social media platforms (blogs, Facebook, Instagram etc.) are also purveyors of important information not always available in traditional media because of costs or lack of interest. When we post on social media we’re boldly providing current information and opinions important to our communities that they can’t get elsewhere. But, we must remain alert for diatribes putting forth extreme slants, ambiguous view points and lies.
Remember online platforms are opportunities that disseminate additional or corrective information. These media outlets are as important and necessary as the small local newspapers started generations ago by visionaries to inform their readers (Miami Times, Pittsburgh Courier, Chicago Defender etc.). So, as we prepare to post pictures, stories, poems, opinions, mini essays, interesting ideas, maps, businesses we like and travel recommendations, remember our readers are looking for information. Online media posters are reporters.

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