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Words Are Powerful – Visit With Roz

Words Are Powerful

Last week while browsing through a bookstore, I saw a toddler about two years old. He was sitting on his heels, as only small children can, looking in a book. There were only pictures on the pages, but he was talking to them, babbling really. Just then his mother walked up and asked “Have you selected the book you want?” It was a stunning scene. Here was a very young child who was (1) a beginning reader, (2) comfortable enough to quietly study a little book on his own, (3) who had obviously been read to, because he was talking to the pictures and (4) he lived in an environment where he was permitted to make decisions at a very young age.

This child was learning the value of words. Remember it is never too early to learn the power of words. Read to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends’ children or just volunteer to read to young people at an elementary school or the public library. They will learn how to use words to appropriately express their wants, objections and needs. Also, a good vocabulary will help them learn to persuade others to their point of view. By helping them increase their word capacity, they will do better in school and ultimately in life.

Words have power in every aspect of our lives. The appropriate words advance our causes or stop us dead in our tracks. They lift us up or put us down. Choose the right words and they will take you where you want to go.


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