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As you advance your literary efforts, harness the resources available to you. One of the most valuable resources is time. It is a gift. Respect its limitations and opportunities. Protect your time by budgeting it wisely. Time is with you at the start of your journey. It will walk beside you every step of the way if you give it respect, but will slip away if you don’t.

Eliminate distractions. They hijack focus and weaken commitment to completion of the literary project. Distractions include unnecessary noise, clutter and sometimes people who try to hand over their problems to you.

Recognize procrastination in all its disguises. Procrastination is a dream killer. There are many ways we procrastinate: over-scheduling, delaying making decisions, lying about the true nature of our time, grandiose and magical thinking, daydreaming and giving into unreasonable fears. Unless you have an authentic answer for why you are not reworking that weak paragraph, tightening the description of a character, writing the next stanza of your poem, reconsidering the beginning sentences of your project or putting in the changes and corrections you made last night, you are procrastinating.

Commit to completing the task in front of you before moving to another. Remember time keeps moving forward; don’t let it leave you behind.

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