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Your Journey – Visit With Roz

Your Journey

Your soul stirring goal to live a full and bountiful life is a journey of change. As with any journey, in addition to the smooth stretches, expect bumpy patches, potholes and hills that often seem more like mountains. You can minimize these potholes and bumps by developing reliable skills. Your journey of change begins when your goal walks out to meet a plan. They pick up commitment and focus. These three coax discipline to join this march. Immediately perseverance jumps on board. Next stop success. You may begin your journey to goal achievement with old habits, but adopting and using these five skills you arrive with a changed outlook and new behaviors.

No one can take the journey of change for you. It is your walk. Own your goals and dreams and when you do, you’ll take responsibility for their fulfillment. Personal responsibility causes you to think differently. You become more creative in planning and recognize additional opportunities that link necessary information for problem solving.

Life is not just the good times. You live and breathe no matter how the winds of circumstance blow. Putting forth your best efforts only when life bends to your will, sets you up for heartache and frustration when you encounter bumps in the road. On this journey you’re competing with many previously learned habits and actions that you simply don’t need any longer. Try your best to overcome the demons of inertia, procrastination and lack of belief in self. Procrastination, especially, is the thief that steals your dreams. It hides in your habits.

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