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  • Motivators

    Excerpt from TJ Sloane

    I have finished my latest novel, TJ Sloane, about a black man who continues to struggle amid his many triumphs. This man’s life is a storybook of many chapters. Each is filled with unexplained loss, conflict, secret visions that shelter hidden fears and love as it suits him. His tale begins with the back story; circumstances of birth that challenge his self-determination. This part of his narrative need not bind his hopes and possibilities. On the other hand, it could define him by the chains of ancestral struggles, unreliable memories and even myth. Like a river rushing to the sea, the back story is always chasing his present story. When they merge,…

  • Motivators


    As you advance your literary efforts, harness the resources available to you. One of the most valuable resources is time. It is a gift. Respect its limitations and opportunities. Protect your time by budgeting it wisely. Time is with you at the start of your journey. It will walk beside you every step of the way if you give it respect, but will slip away if you don’t. Eliminate distractions. They hijack focus and weaken commitment to completion of the literary project. Distractions include unnecessary noise, clutter and sometimes people who try to hand over their problems to you. Recognize procrastination in all its disguises. Procrastination is a dream killer.…

  • Motivators

    Your Journey

    Your soul stirring goal to live a full and bountiful life is a journey of change. As with any journey, in addition to the smooth stretches, expect bumpy patches, potholes and hills that often seem more like mountains. You can minimize these potholes and bumps by developing reliable skills. Your journey of change begins when your goal walks out to meet a plan. They pick up commitment and focus. These three coax discipline to join this march. Immediately perseverance jumps on board. Next stop success. You may begin your journey to goal achievement with old habits, but adopting and using these five skills you arrive with a changed outlook and new behaviors. No one can take the journey of change…

  • Writers' Tools

    Can I See Him?

    As I tell my story I have a picture of the character in my head. I see him move about his home or job or making a point during a conversation with a friend. I melt at his smile and feel his displeasure. But, is my reader seeing him as I do? Does the reader see his closely cut hair? His coffee-brown color? How the color of his eyes changes when he makes love? This is a huge undertaking. Huge. How can I best achieve this goal? Here are a few tools I use. (1) When I first call up a character, I name him or her. Then I begin…

  • Writers' Tools

    Introducing Characters

    Since beginning my literary career, it has become more difficult to just sit and enjoy a book with a box of cheezits or bowl of nuts. I, now, constantly examine the techniques authors use in telling their stories: character development, time passage, plot development, scene description, etc. After reading Toni Morrison’s JAZZ for the third time, I discovered more of her brilliance. The technique she uses to capture the essence of her main character at the very beginning of the story is by having a storyteller describe, to someone, the character’s actions (story within a story). These actions reveal the character’s state of mind. When we meet Violet, described running down snow-swept Lenox…

  • Writers' Tools

    Have You Started?

    How’s that writing project going? You remember, the one you resolved to begin: the essay, poem, song, novel, biography, picture book. Are you following your plan? Do you even have a plan? I cannot overstate the importance of planning. A plan tells the story of your goal. Each step of the plan is a chapter filled with purpose and action. A well-prepared plan lights the way to your goal, step by step. It fosters development of necessary skills and habits. Your plan must be tight, legal, ethical and comport with your belief system and societal standards. Lax planning gives you an out when times get tough. With a plan you…

  • Writers' Tools

    Your History (cont’d)

    as continued from THIS POST As you record your family’s history, remember to tell the stories of the institutions that enriched your journey and how they affected your life. If you don’t provide the historical record of these institutions, then others may attempt to do so without complete and authentic information. For my people it was necessary for our survival to create institutions that eased our struggle for equal rights and forward movement. Tell your story of the secondary schools that prepared students for their next level, whether it was the work-world or higher education. The HBCUs, many which continue to deliver superb performance, educated the majority of the black…

  • Books I Like


    All of you know how much I love perusing bookstores. Recently, I ran across another one I like, Books With A Past, a new and used independent bookstore located in Historic Savage Mill, Savage, Maryland. Savage Mill is a quaint old cotton mill full of small shops. The store is cozy and welcoming with comfortable seating spaces that invite you to stay awhile. If you also like browsing and possibly coming across a book someone else enjoyed, that you find interesting, then Books With A Past is a great place to spend some time and maybe purchase a book.  I did.