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    Writer’s Tools: Part 1

    As promised, this blog is for book lovers. Today I’m blogging about an essential tool for writers. Writers have many tools. One of the most important is a handy notebook. A serious writer should never be without her notebook. Its purpose is to note ideas about future projects, creative flashes into the current project(s), useful words and phrases, where to find research materials, insights into characterization, thoughts about significant locations and anything else that adds depth to the work. We think we may remember a point, however we are likely to forget these creative flashes if they’re not recorded for future reference. It takes disciplined effort to keep a notebook,…

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    Those of you who have been with me since the start of my literary journey will remember that Memphis, Tennessee is one of my favorite cities. In Friends to Die For one of the characters was from Memphis and the city plays a small part in my upcoming novel, Sloane. I was in Memphis last recently and was reminded why I’m so fond of this wonderful city. I had a chance to have lunch at the Soul Fish Cafe on Poplar Avenue. It was a fabulous experience: great food, ambiance and of course, the service. The menu was expansive and the prices just fine. The great southern drink, sweet tea, flowed freely. I felt comfortable…

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    What do you think?

    What do you think?We’re living in complex times when we can no longer depend on historical narratives to guide us safely through the varying currents of life. The boundaries that define our systems of knowledge acquisition, work, family relationships, financial stability, the value of diverse opinions, faith and trust in our institutions and government, to cite a few, are fraying. The element of unpredictability is gaining prominence over traditionally reliable methods of acquiring information. Having access to information is the hallmark of an informed citizenry. Even the value of public education is now up for debate. Will universal free education disappear?The vast clout of traditional media, be it print, pictorial,…

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    I was recently in New Orleans. It was my fifth visit. While roaming through the French Quarter I came across a used bookstore and as is my usual habit whenever I encounter a bookstore, I went inside. Books were everywhere, floor to ceiling. Not having nearly enough time, I looked around quickly. The two owners told me they’d been in the same location for 39 years. The inside was beautiful with extremely tall ceilings. I purchased three books for only $12.00.  If you’re in NOLA stop by Beckham’s Bookshop.

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    New Opportunity

    A new year is a new opportunity to begin, continue or complete your literary or creative project. Be it a novel, how-to-manual, poem, essay, sculpture, play, photo exhibit, short story, movie script, music project or a creation not seen before; begin today. Commit yourself.Your time, energy and allotted resources have value. Use them appropriately and you will be rewarded with successful movement toward completion of your project.Begin with a solid plan or continue with the plan you have developed. Next, commit to this plan, focus on each step of the plan, be disciplined in establishing and strengthening habits that only move you forward and persevere to completion. Get moving. Time…