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Friends to Die For – Visit With Roz

Friends to Die For

This is a powerful story of money, adultery, death, stolen changes and rediscovery amid the dramatic changes sweeping through the lives of this tightly knit group of friends. They trust only each other. This unusual intimacy bred an interdependence which extends to each having claims on the others’ time, resources and ultimately a marriage bed. As the closing days of summer slip away unnoticed, they face the frightening truth. life did not deal them the perfect hand they thought they held.
Closer than sisters, Heleena, beautiful super lawyer, Marva, who nailed her man the old-fashioned way and Karen who can’t buy her children’s love. The men in their lives, AL, nicknamed Prince, still feels trapped after 25 years. Scooter, who works like a dog so that Karen can live out any fantasy her mind conceives. Greg runs away.
Each seeks the answer to the question, what would I do with a second chance?

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